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Re: console-setup v1.28 bug, Debian Lenny

On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 01:20:55AM +0300, MicroProgs MicroProgs wrote:
> I install console-setup and configure it:
> apt-get install console-setup
> dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
> I use "alt + shift" to select input language: english/russian.
> The Caps Lock key work in normal mode.
> But my Caps Lock LED is off, when i press Caps Lock key :(
> Why Caps Lock LED always off?

This is a known bug.  Read the last question in 

> And I found another bug, when I use "right alt" to select input language.
> When I press "right alt + caps lock" my current tty don't reply to all
> keyboard request :(

I don't understand.  What exactly happens?

Anton Zinoviev

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