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Re: Question about having an always clean base system in Debian Sid

Le jeudi 04 février 2010 à 17:01 +0100, Frans Pop a écrit :
> I very much doubt that that would gain much support. Count me against.
> Users are supposed to be able to do basic system admin for their systems. 
> If they're not able to do that, well, that's their problem and certainly 
> not a reason to mess around with basic aspects of the package management 
> system.
Totally agree with you, but how can I identify packages that are no
longer part of the base system unless knowing every package on my
machine (which is impossible on a standard desktop install)?

Note that Ubuntu has a mechanism to keep the base system up to date:
ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard metapackages (and also ubuntu-desktop
for a larger desktop system). What I reproach to their approach is that
maintainers have to change the priority of old packages and remove them
from the dependencies of the metapackage which makes them do twice the
same work.
> Your proposal, although it may work, falls in the category "hack" (I wrote
> "ugly hack" first, but that's maybe a bit strong). Feel free to document it 
> as an option somewhere, but I suggest you stop promoting it as something 
> to do by default.
OK, consider it was my last message unless you decide to discuss about
it again.
Thanks to have read me and answered telling clearly what you think.
> Cheers,

PS: @Frans, sorry for the private message, mistake when replying.

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