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Re: Question about having an always clean base system in Debian Sid

On Thursday 04 February 2010, Geek87 wrote:
> Independently of the policy change, what I'm proposing is to have *all*
> packages (not only libraries) of the base system being installed with
> the "automatically installed" flag by debootstrap along with a mechanism
> to keep them installed (the APT::NeverAutoRemove ~prequired,
> ~pimportant, ~pstandard directive in apt.conf).

I very much doubt that that would gain much support. Count me against.

Users are supposed to be able to do basic system admin for their systems. 
If they're not able to do that, well, that's their problem and certainly 
not a reason to mess around with basic aspects of the package management 

Your proposal, although it may work, falls in the category "hack" (I wrote
"ugly hack" first, but that's maybe a bit strong). Feel free to document it 
as an option somewhere, but I suggest you stop promoting it as something 
to do by default.


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