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Bug#564033: tasksel forces installation of many useless packages on hr locale setups even when you don't select anything

On Thu, Jan 07, 2010 at 09:49:22PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 07 January 2010, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > Quoting Josip Rodin (joy@debbugs.entuzijast.net):
> > > IMHO the non-desktop installation for Croatian needs to lose all of:
> > > aspell, myspell, whatever-the-hell-spell, dict-*, doc-linux-*,
> > > texlive-* enca because none of these packages are *required* for a
> > > Croatian Debian system. OK, maybe doc-linux-hr is a good default, but
> > > the rest is not.
> The localization tasks are not about what is *required*, but about what an 
> average Croation user might *expect* to have installed by default. IMO 
> that includes basic localized documentation and spell checking.
> > Well, most languages do include *spell packages in the default non
> > desktop install. This is indeed most often the only thing that's
> > listed in the relevant tasks.
> I also think those should be kept. They have been accepted as standard 
> packages for any localized installation.
> If there is a demand to allow installation without using localization tasks 
> then IMO tasksel should add a separate option for that, either triggered 
> by a low level debconf question or by explicitly listing a special
> "localization" task that is selected by default but can be unselected.
> I've always considered it somewhat inconsistent that tasksel allows to 
> unselect standard packages, but does not allow to unselect the 
> localization tasks.

Exactly, that's the root of the problem. I will just repeat what I said
earlier - it has created the *effect* of making these packages like
'Priority: required'. That can be the topic of a separate bug report.

> > Of course, what I say here doesn't apply to texlive-* packages which
> > are not in other language tasks.
> Those are the main problem as they pull in a lot of texlive. They should 
> never have been included as they are not an enhancement of a normal base 
> system, but instead pull in totally new functionality.

Thanks. As soon as I find the right credentials :) I'll commit a fix.

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