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Bug#564033: tasksel forces installation of many useless packages on hr locale setups even when you don't select anything

Package: tasksel


By default, even when *nothing* extra is selected, d-i installations of
Debian since lenny have been littering Croatian locale systems with
40+ useless packages. I grow tired of purging over and over again.

Even if you don't select the "standard" task, it adds those packages.
It has created the effect of making these packages like Priority: required,
which is completely wrong and unwarranted, especially for server

In the words of Frans Pop: :)

> I see that the "croatian" task contains "texlive-lang-croatian", which is 
> probably the main culprit. That should definitely NOT be in there.
> Suggest you file a BR against tasksel. If you do, then please also ask for 
> removal of "texlive-lang-other" from the "serbian" task.
> One could also argue about the freedict packages. No idea if enca is 
> useful.

IMHO the non-desktop installation for Croatian needs to lose all of: aspell,
myspell, whatever-the-hell-spell, dict-*, doc-linux-*, texlive-* enca
because none of these packages are *required* for a Croatian Debian system.
OK, maybe doc-linux-hr is a good default, but the rest is not.

As it happens, this is the entirety of

Even for desktop setups, much of this is barely useful, but at least you can
unselect the desktop setup. You can't unselect this.

We should either make this unselectable, or remove the fodder.

I'm guessing Bosnian and Serbian users might also appreciate the same
trimming, but I'm mainly concerned about un-screwing Croatian which is
what I use.

(With compliments to Safir as the main perpetrator of this abomination :D)

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