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Bug#564033: tasksel forces installation of many useless packages on hr locale setups even when you don't select anything

On Thursday 07 January 2010, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Josip Rodin (joy@debbugs.entuzijast.net):
> > IMHO the non-desktop installation for Croatian needs to lose all of:
> > aspell, myspell, whatever-the-hell-spell, dict-*, doc-linux-*,
> > texlive-* enca because none of these packages are *required* for a
> > Croatian Debian system. OK, maybe doc-linux-hr is a good default, but
> > the rest is not.

The localization tasks are not about what is *required*, but about what an 
average Croation user might *expect* to have installed by default. IMO 
that includes basic localized documentation and spell checking.

> Well, most languages do include *spell packages in the default non
> desktop install. This is indeed most often the only thing that's
> listed in the relevant tasks.

I also think those should be kept. They have been accepted as standard 
packages for any localized installation.

If there is a demand to allow installation without using localization tasks 
then IMO tasksel should add a separate option for that, either triggered 
by a low level debconf question or by explicitly listing a special
"localization" task that is selected by default but can be unselected.

I've always considered it somewhat inconsistent that tasksel allows to 
unselect standard packages, but does not allow to unselect the 
localization tasks.

> Of course, what I say here doesn't apply to texlive-* packages which
> are not in other language tasks.

Those are the main problem as they pull in a lot of texlive. They should 
never have been included as they are not an enhancement of a normal base 
system, but instead pull in totally new functionality.

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