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Re: zh_CN translation of debian install .msgmerged by 25-Dec-2009 05:21

On 12/29/09 3:03 AM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting yq s (wzssyqa@gmail.com):
>>   with a small script that download pots and msgmerge them.
>>  it maybe have a little use.
>>  Due to gmail can recongize gz and find it is a script and refuse it,i
>> compress it to lz.
> As I wrote a few days ago, I would like to get Deng Xiyue's agreement
> before updating all translations with what you sent.
> Apparently, all of your work is about completing files and I don't see
> changes to existing strings. So, in short, your updates seem really
> safe to me, but it is my duty to double chek with the formerly listed
> translator that everythign is OK for him.
> Xiyue, is that OK for you if I commit all what 苏运强 (sorry, I don't
> have your name written in Latin script, so I hope I'm cut'n'pasting
> properly) sent?
Thanks Christian for the notice, and thank you Su Yunqiang for the
translation update.  I have been quite busy in the passing months, and
it seems to keep it that way for some longer time, so it is great to
have more people working on this.  I have no problem with applying
Yunqiang's translation.  Though I still have no time to check it, I
guess more people will be doing bugfixes afterward.

Deng Xiyue

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