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Bug#562594: Use modalias to detect modules when driver does not register

On Tuesday 29 December 2009, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> I see that modprobe has --resolve-alias flag which prints out the
> module(s) matching an alias, which renders the whole sed concoction
> unnecessary.

I think we should keep Jérémy's solution. If --resolve-alias can return 
multiple modules that support the device, then we have no reliable way of 
knowing which one has actually been loaded and for which we're missing the 

AFAICT Jérémy's code should result in the exact module that was loaded [1].

> Looks reasonable, thanks. Unfortunately, I'm on vacation for the next
> two weeks without access to my sparc, so I'll not be able to test it
> until the third week of January.

OK. I'll upload the new version. Please test a daily build when you have a 

[1] Except maybe if a user did a manual modprobe. I expect Jérémy's code 
will work correctly in combination with blacklisting.

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