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Bug#561008: console-setup: approximations for 'toilet -f future' symbols look different before and after X

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 11:01:38PM +0100, Francesco Poli wrote:
> > The equivalent command is 'showcfont' but it doesn't work on my machine 
> > (outdated version of Debian unstable).
> I had tried with 'showcfont', but I thought it didn't do what you
> wanted.  Instead of telling me the name of the used font (as I
> expected), it wrote a complete table with all the gliphs and codes.
> Well, I am not able to be sure the font has not changed, just by
> looking at this table!

Yes, if the font is the same you can not be sure that it has not changed but 
sometimes if it has changed you can be sure that it has changed. :)

In your case the font has not changed, so there is no need of more tests.

> > I suppose that only the horizontal lines are broken (the vertical are 
> > OK)?
> Bingo!
> You guessed!

Then it seems this bug must be reassigned to some of the x server video drivers. 
What is the type of your videocard?  Can you attach the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log
What happens if you don't use Ctrl+Alt+F1 but rather exit X the normal way?

In order to work with 9x16 and 9x14 fonts the video card does a magic: for some of 
the symbols (the pseudographic symbols) it uses the 8-th bit in each line as 9-th 
bit.  This magic is due to the fact that even the most modern cards are emulating 
the old VGA hardware that was developed 20 years ago when only the 8-bit 
technologies were cheap.  Somehow X leaves the videocard in a mode when it doesn't 
use the 8-th bit as 9-th and leaves the 9-th bit empty.

> As far as lat1u-16 is concerned, please note that it has always had
> this problem (broken horizontal lines): that's why I labeled it as a
> "compromise solution".

I suppose this was because of the way this font was loaded.  I think if you put
FONT='lat1u-08.psf.gz' in /etc/default/console-setup the lines will not be broken.

If you start using framebuffer all lines will display correctly but the console 
will use 8x16 and 8x14 fonts instead of 9x16 and 9x14. I don't know how the problem 
you are experiencing can be fixed in the regular text mode.

Anton Zinoviev

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