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Bug#561008: console-setup: approximations for 'toilet -f future' symbols look different before and after X

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 08:08:12PM +0100, Francesco Poli wrote:
> No, I cannot: this command belongs to the kbd package, but I do not
> have this package installed on any of the Debian boxes I use.
> Should I switch from console-tools to kbd, in your opinion?

Console-tools has several bugs that are not going to be fixed, it 
doesn't have upstream maintainer.  On the other hand Kbd is actively 
maintained (both in Debian and by the upstream).  Thats why the future 
versions of Debian are going to use Kbd instead of console-tools.

But ofcourse if console-tools works for you, then you don't have to 
switch to Kbd.

> Or is there an equivalent command in console-tools?

The equivalent command is 'showcfont' but it doesn't work on my machine 
(outdated version of Debian unstable).

> > Does the look of 'toilet -f future hello' restore if you use the command 
> > 'setupcon'?
> No, it doesn't.
> After issuing the 'setupcon' command (as root), the look stays the same
> (broken lines).

I suppose that only the horizontal lines are broken (the vertical are 
OK)?  Can you use the command 'consolechars -f FONTNAME' in order to 
make sure that the other fonts (both in console-setup and console-data) 
have the same problem.  In particular can you see whether the fonts that 
you used before console-setup are also with broken lines?

Anton Zinoviev

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