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Bug#561008: console-setup: approximations for 'toilet -f future' symbols look different before and after X

On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 16:19:55 +0200 Anton Zinoviev wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 05:35:38PM +0100, Francesco Poli (t1000) wrote:
> > If I switch back to the console (by pressing [Ctrl+Alt+F1]) and I login
> > again, then the output of
> > 
> >   $ toilet -f future hello
> > looks different!
> Can you use the command 'showconsolefont' in order to see whether the 
> font is changed after you return to the console or the font is the same 
> but it is displayed in a different way?

No, I cannot: this command belongs to the kbd package, but I do not
have this package installed on any of the Debian boxes I use.

This holds even for the most recently installed box (about 1 month
old), apparently because

$ aptitude why console-tools
i   acpi-support-base Depends console-tools | console-utilities

and hence the console-terminus recommendation was already satisfied by

$ aptitude why kbd
i   console-setup    Depends    console-terminus (>= 4.26)
i A console-terminus Recommends kbd | console-tools

Should I switch from console-tools to kbd, in your opinion?

Or is there an equivalent command in console-tools?

> Does the look of 'toilet -f future hello' restore if you use the command 
> 'setupcon'?

No, it doesn't.
After issuing the 'setupcon' command (as root), the look stays the same
(broken lines).

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