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Bug#560696: tasksel: The mail-server task should install dovecot instead of qpopper and uw-imapd

On Sat, 12 Dec 2009, Per Olofsson wrote:

> Christian Perrier skrev:
> > I personnally tend to agree that dovecot is probably a much better
> > choice than qpopper+uw-imapd.
> I agree too. I switched from uw-imapd to dovecot on a medium-sized server
> (~1000 users) a few years ago, and it works much better.
> uw-imapd doesn't even (officially) support maildir:
> http://www.washington.edu/imap/IMAP-FAQs/index.html#1.31
> (Although I think Debian has patched it.)

The Debian patch was recently removed due to licensing reasons, which was 
put in NEWS.Debian which I saw thanks to apt-listchanges being installed 
in the standard task and is the reason I noticed uw-imapd was installed. 
The system works!

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