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Bug#548128: Similar Problem

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On 11/12/2009 19:38, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Friday 11 December 2009, Mikko Eley wrote:
>> web server trick worked a charm syslog is attatched. Thanks for the tip
>> I didn't know debian could do that.
> No problem. Next time please gzip large files before sending them though 
> (otherwise you run the risk we never see them because our mailing list 
> rejects the mail).
> The log shows a bunch of probably related problems.
> The first is the huge number of messages 'implausibly old time stamp 
> 1904-01-01' while installing packages.
> It is possible that the wrong system date/time is the cause of the
> "untrusted packages" error because GPG needs a reasonable system time.
> So, first question is: is the hardware clock of your system set correctly?
> But normally at least the system time should get updated [1] during the 
> installation. However, that fails here:
> kernel: [  197.895382] warning: process `rdate' used the deprecated sysctl 
> system call with 1.40.
> clock-setup: rdate: Could not set time of day: Invalid argument
> And that looks to be the issue described in this bug report:
> http://bugs.debian.org/502336
> So, to solve the installation failure you will need to set your hardware 
> clock to a reasonable date, assuming your systems BIOS/firmware allows you 
> to do that. You can then retry a full installation.
> If that does not work there is another workaround, and that is to boot the 
> installer with the option 'debian-installer/allow_unauthenticated=true'. 
> But it really would be better to have the clock set correctly (assuming 
> that is the cause of the GPG failure).
> Cheers,
> [1] The hardware clock should also get updated, but only at the very end of 
> the installation and I've no idea whether that actually works on powerpc.

Couldn't set the time in the BIOS after some searching on the net for
instructions. Nor did the work around work BUT I booted the partially
installed system and managed to use the date command in root. It is now
past the hang and installing away. Thank you for your help! The machine
was sitting in storage for some time and I think the battery on the
motherboard died. If I have more time/date problems that will be the
first thing to get replaced.

Again Thank you,


Now I just have to get wireless working, my arch nemesis in Linux so I
can stop tethering it to my laptop. I suspect the card isn't supported
so another purchase may be a fully Gnu compatible wireless card...
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