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Bug#548128: Similar Problem

On Friday 11 December 2009, Mikko Eley wrote:
> If I knew how to find it and most importantly send it to you. The system
> is bare at the moment and installing gnome and xfce have failed. Not
> sure what commands/programs to use for sending the file. I don't have
> any thumb drives to get the file off the machine and onto my laptop, any
> ideas welcome.

So you do have a second system. If you have a network connection between 
them, the following will work.

Start the installation. After you've set up networking (for example at the 
start of partitioning), use the <go back> option to go to the main menu of 
the installer. Select the option "Save debug logs" and choose the option 
to start a web server. Using the instructions in the next dialog, you 
should then be able to connect to the powerpc box from your laptop.

After that continue the installation until it hangs. At that point, use the 
browser on your laptop to download the syslog file.

Another option is to do the installation in expert mode and select as extra 
component the "openssh-client-udeb". Then, when the installation hangs, 
switch to a debug console on VT2 and use 'scp' to copy the file to your 

If all that does not work, you can also manually copy the last 20 lines or 
so from the VT4 display.


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