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Bug#560045: localechooser: fails to not add de_LI in languagelist

Package: localechooser

We have the following code:

# The code below adds lang_COUNTRY at the beginning of the
# language list we got from language selection, unless it's
# already included.
if [ "$LOCALE" != C ] && \
   [ "$LANGUAGE" ] && [ "$COUNTRYCODE" ] && \
   [ "$LANGUAGELIST" != "$LANGUAGE" ] && \
   ! echo ":$LANGUAGELIST:" | \
     grep -q ":${LANGUAGE%%_*}_$COUNTRYCODE:"; then

IIUC, when a user selects German + Liechtenstein, this is supposed to 
result in a LANGUAGELIST of "de_LI:de".

But this does not actually happen because of the test
which results in the comparison [ "de" != "de" ], so the whole test fails 
and de_LI is not added.

If the above is correct and de_LI should be added, this is an old bug: the 
Etch installer behaves the same and the code is even older.

I think that now that the last test has been added ("is ll_CC already 
included in the languagelist"), the problematic test could probably just 
be dropped.


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