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Bug#560045: localechooser: fails to not add de_LI in languagelist

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> But this does not actually happen because of the test
> which results in the comparison [ "de" != "de" ], so the whole test fails 
> and de_LI is not added.
> If the above is correct and de_LI should be added, this is an old bug: the 
> Etch installer behaves the same and the code is even older.
> I think that now that the last test has been added ("is ll_CC already 
> included in the languagelist"), the problematic test could probably just 
> be dropped.
> Christian?

Indeed. That part of the code dates back to times where we were using
language lists extensively: each language had a languagelist. This is
no longer thecas and the few that still have one have it for valid
reasons (Norwegian wanting to fallback to Danish and Swedish and
Brazilian Portuguese falling back to "pt"....I even wonder if that
last one is still needed and what case it is meant to solve!).

None of these will trigger the possibility of a double entry in the
language list, so I think that the problematic test can be dropped.


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