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Bug#560032: Please select a swiss mirror when choosing Liechtenstein as country

reassign 560032 choose-mirror
severity 560032 wishlist
block 560032 by 560045

On Tuesday 08 December 2009, Josef Vogt wrote:
> When choosing Liechtenstein as country, the pre-selected mirror should
> be a swiss one instead of a german one.

Hmmm. So Liechtenstein does not have a mirror itself, which means 
choose-mirror falls back to the default set for the selected language, 
which I guess was German.

But with Liechtenstein as country, the first value in the language list 
should be de_LI [1].
So, we could solve this if we're willing to add an exception by manually 
adding a de_LI PO file for choose-mirror with as only translation the 
strings that set the default mirror country to "CH".

Because we'd add it directly in the package, it would not affect 
translation statistics.

Christian: do you see any problems with that?


[1] Except it isn't, see #560045. So I'm blocking this BR until that is 

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