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Bug#559878: debian-installer: keyboard e grub problems

Frans Pop wrote:
On Monday 07 December 2009, Davide Prina wrote:
Frans Pop wrote:
On Monday 07 December 2009, Davide Prina wrote:

I have forgotten to say that the keyboard is a wireless keyboard,
probably this can be important. I have installed Debian on three PC in
these days and only on the wireless keyboard I have had that problem
during the installation process.

I was wondering if it could be something like that. Sounds to me as if the communication with the keyboard is unreliable resulting in random changes in caps state. That would also fit with the capslock problem and could explain the password problem.

Yes, you are right, the password problem on that PC can be also for that.
Probably the installer do not handle very well wireless keyboard.

Anyway if I press CapsLock and press the 'è' key I get 'È' in my main
system (Debian Squeeze). If I press the Shift-è I get 'é'.

OK, that's probably a difference between the Italian keymap definition in console-data and the one in X then. Unrelated to the installer.

Yes, I never noted these differences

I'm still not sure it's a bug though as what you're getting now sounds very inconsistent. If I understand correctly you now get this:

		US key	IT key	IT w/ capslock
no shift	  [	  è	    È
with shift	  {	  é	    é

not exactly

		US key	IT key	IT w/ capslock
no shift	  [	  è	    È
with shift	  {	  é	    É

If it was consistent, you should be getting É with capslock on and shift.


The keymap can be changed to generate capital accented characters, but that would have to be done by filing a bug report against the package that contains the X.Org keyboard definitions, and I would strongly suggest discussing it first on the debian-l10n-italian mailing list.


2) Selezionare la disposizione della tastiera (Choose keyboard layout)
-> Non configurare la tastiera e mantenere quella del kernel (do not
configure, use kernel configuration)

Well, keeping kernel configuration means you get a US keyboard layout, so that means you're not actually testing what we want tested.

but I don't understand why first it ask me if I want the Italian keyboard layout and than if I don't want it (probably the sequence of the question is wrong).

And you forgotten that

10) Installare il sistema base (base system installation) -> Italia (keyboard layout) -> linux-image-2.6.686 -> mirato: solo i driver necessari a questo sistema (only driver needed by this system)

where the installer ask me again the keyboard layout and I select again Italian. Now I can understand why he asked me again the keyboard layout, but that don't work

If you can get someone else to reproduce the problem using a current daily image then we can look further, but based on the current information and my own test I don't think there is a problem, at least not in the installer itself.

I have asked in the debian-italian mailing list.


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