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Bug#559878: debian-installer: keyboard e grub problems

On Monday 07 December 2009, Davide Prina wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> 1) User/password setup with a non-english keyboard configuration
> In "User/password setup" the keyboard is not configured as selected. I
> have selected Italian keymap, but after reboot my passwords was wrong. I
> have used some not alphanumeric characters in the passwords.

I have just tried to reproduce this, but failed. The Italian keyboard 
selection worked fine, keyboard worked OK during installation and after 
reboot, and login into the installed system with a password containing 
non-alphabetic characters worked too.

I used as password: qwè+ç°ù§ (which is qw[]:"\| on a US keyboard).

On the installed system /etc/default/keyboard contains:

If you'd like us to check this further, you will have to tell us *exactly* 
which non-alphabetic characters you used in your password, but AFAICT 
everything works as it should.

> Also others Italian people have had the same problem (I have ask on the
> italian-user mailing list).

That is possible because until recently there really was a bug in the 
keyboard setup for the installed system, but that was fixed almost a month 

> Note: also in others installation section I have see that the keyboard
> was not set as Italian. Also I noted some very strange: in some edit-box
> the CapsLock was enable, but some characters was printed as lowercase
> and other as uppercase.

Exactly which characters were incorrectly printed as lowercase?
In my test at least all normal alphabetical characters were correct 
uppercase with capslock on.
Capslock does not work on keys with accented characters like è, but AFAIK 
that is normal (consistent with the fact that shift on that key produces 
é, and not È).

Are you sure the password problem wasn't because you had capslock on when 
you first entered it?

Please try to reproduce both issues first before sending additional info.

> 2) very strange problem with bootloader install
> 3) grub menu

Someone else will have to look into these issues.


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