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Re: [RFC] Patch to disable GTK in installer images

On Saturday 28 November 2009, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> I guess I did it but would be nice to have a review on the patch
> before commiting it. My idea is to commit it and upload installer.
> Once installer is built in all arches revert it back to force testing
> of GTK frontend in daily images again.

I suggest not removing the targets from the MEDIUM_SUPPORTED lines, but 
commenting them out (or maybe even better: duplicate the existing lines, 
comment one out and modify the other).
In general I would not remove anything, but comment out lines instead (with 
an added comment why).

I think the changes for xen are all wrong. In all cases you still need to 
define a TYPE, and for cdrom-xen.cfg you also still need EXTRATARGETS.

You look to have completely missed the changes needed for 
i386/cdrom-xen.cfg and i386/netboot-xen.cfg.

Did you actually try an all_build and check the results for i386 and amd64? 
Somehow I doubt it.


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