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Re: Avoiding display of console-setup dialogs during base-installation

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 11:20:52PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> > 4. Playing with the seen flag can cause unexpected bugs in some future
> >    version of console-setup.
> No, it cannot, unless you have explicit tests for the seen flag in the 
> console-setup scripts, which would be buggy anyway.

Not necessarily.

With the current confugarion script it is impossible for 
keyboard-configuration/variant to be "seen" and to have value "other". 
What if console-setup expects this and some other program changes the 
"seen" flag of this question and leaves "other" as a value?

Anyway, modifying the seen flag is like modifying the value of an object 
without using its own methods or like modifying the configuration files 
of other packages.  Notice that in several cases console-setup modifies 
the "seen" of its own questions for a reason.  It is not a simple script 
and even if you are right that no problems can arrise, this is not 
obvious to me.

> > 5. In some cases this is simply wrong.  In Bulgaria almost everybody
> >    uses phonetic layout but if the variant question is omited
> >    console-setup will configure the bds layout which is totaly different.
> Even if they've already selected the correct layout in kbd-chooser? That is 
> the only relevant scenario here.

Maybe the correct layout doesn't exist in kbd-chooser.  For Bulgaria 
this is exactly the case.

Anton Zinoveiv

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