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Re: Avoiding display of console-setup dialogs during base-installation

On Monday 16 November 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> The mistake here may be that it was assumed that the D-I settings would
> be available in /target, but that is not the case as those settings only
> get copied to the target environment during the start of pkgsel.
> So the result is that basically console-setup always gets installed with
> its default settings...
> No wonder users are complaining that they don't get the correct keymap
> set. Pity that despite all the reports from users now nobody ever took
> the trouble to diagnose this properly (or to test the change before
> committing/uploading). It's pretty clear when you actually look into it.

After some thought and testing the simplest solution turns out to be to lat 
the kbd-chooser post-base-installer script "copy" the needed templates to 
the target environment before calling 'apt-install console-setup'.

I'll commit the necessary changes and upload kbd-chooser.

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