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Bug#552560: locale selection incomplete

Quoting martin f krafft (madduck@debian.org):
> also sprach Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2009.10.28.0726 +0100]:
> > - write an en_CH locale and convince glibc maintainers to include it
> > in locales
> You should know me better, Christian! #552561 ;)

I'm not sure I would support it strongly as it would open the gates
for any kind of locales. 

It's probably hard to set a strong policy on locales and I don't
exactly know the policy used by glibc upstream. It's quite probable
that they decide to include a locale for a language_country
combination when the said language has the status of official language
in the said country (with an exception for regional languages where
the policy is probably to create a locale when the said regional
language is noticeably spoken as primary language y a significant part
of the population).

It's hard to draw lines here, but I don't think that en_CH fits such criteria.
otherwise we would end up with hundreds of en_FOO locales...

> Thanks for your other replies. It all makes sense, of course. Yes,
> I installed as expert. Yes, I think we can improve Debian even for
> experts. No, I do not expect anyone to do invasive changes for me,
> and no, I probably won't do them myself anytime soon — if at all.

You got an answer by Frans in the meantime. I wrote mine earlier but
it got out of my laptop later which explains why both may appear as
slightly contradictory.

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