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Re: howto interact with HW-detection of installer


thank you very much for your attention!

> The debian-boot list is more appropriate for this question. Please reply to
> that list and not to debian-cd.

Well, I have the same problem with the documentation.

I want to create a customized debian install cd, but to reach that, I guess, I 
have to "hack" the d-i, create preseed lists and customize the cd-image.

My problem is, that parts of existing docs is outdated with broken links and I 
miss the view, where and how all things play together.
I just discovered babelbox - may be that could help me in understanding 

> There are several ways to get info about hardware:
> - files in /sys or /proc
> - utilities like lspci, lsusb, dmidecode (not all available in D-I)

I see. So I have to do the detection on myself and add the tools I need for 
that to the installer?

> base-installer is in most cases not the best place to install extra
> packages. Doing that in pkgsel is preferred.

Yes, I agree for extra packages. But I want to strip down the base-system 
(install a smaller image, use busybox with its targets, ... )

> There are quite a lot of methods you could use to make D-I install extra
> packages. What method is best depends. A lot can be done using preseeding
> (run a script in preseed-early and have that drop custom hook scripts in
> various places for example), but creating a custom udeb is also an option.

Ok, let me explain what I want with a (quite senseless) sample:

Imagine, I would like to determine the type of desktop system based on the 
type of network-hardware found in the system and the user-question, whether 
he likes to use dhcp.
So I need to check the hardware (i.e. lspci) and do a user-question. 
The result of both lead to a preseed-list and a path through the rest of the 
installation (pkgsel, ...)

I think, from what I read, that I understand the single steps like 
packagelist, hw-detection in a trigger and user-question - but I don't 
understand yet, how all parts play together.
And so - I beg your pardon - I don't know, whether my problem could be solved 
by debian-cd list or by the debian-boot list.

kind regards


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