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Re: di-netboot-assistant update for experimental

On Friday 16 October 2009, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> I have finally resolved and merged a bunch of patch I had for
> di-netboot-assistant.

Please mark the changelog as "UNRELEASED" when you start on a new version 
to make it clear to others using the SVN repo that there are changes that 
have not been uploaded and that additional changes should be added to the 
current changelog entry instead of creating a new one.
I've now done so for this version.

If you add the following in ~/.devscripts and use dch, this will be done 
correctly automatically:

> (Frans, could you have a look at it and upload it to experimental
> please). 

I don't think experimental is the right choice here. I doubt you would get 
anybody to actually test it from experimental. If you are happy with it, I 
think you should just upload to unstable and deal with bug reports ASAP 
when they come in.

I have tested the new version using a local build.

IMO the "::/" prefix that looks to be required now should be documented, 
either in the pxelinux.HEAD file itself, or in a README.Debian file. I see 
you've already mentioned it in NEWS.Debian, but that's for upgrades, not 
to document something.

There is also an upgrade problem. It looks like when I upgrade that the 
default configs do get changed, but not the actual existing configs 
in /var/lib/di-netboot-assistant/, nor the generated ones under the 
tftpboot directory. So after I changed my DHCP server config to drop 
option 210, nothing works anymore. Please provide clear instructions how 
to move from an "old" setup to a "new" one.

I tried making the changes manually, but ended up with a broken setup. Not 
sure if that means the ::/ prefix does not work for me or if I missed 

Could you also fix the fact that the generated 
debian-installer/pxelinux.cfg/default file gets double newlines between 


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