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di-netboot-assistant update for experimental

Hi all,

I have finally resolved and merged a bunch of patch I had for
di-netboot-assistant. (Frans, could you have a look at it and upload it
to experimental please).

This version is Experimental, because of feature #1 below.

The major features are:
1. Drop PXELinux's DHCP option 210 requirement (pathprefix="/")
2. Allow customizing netboot parameters.
3. Allow saving a repository as a different name, like saving
   the daily images as $(date +%a)
4. allow running by a non-privileged user (Thanks to Daniel Gillmor)

The actual changelog below.

Your feedback is welcome.


FYI, My roadmap (post Squeeze?) still to includes:
- Allow preseeding, by embedding file preseed in initrd
- Use local repository
- Download/Embed Firmware
- Allow embedding on D-I or Live-CD for easy Netboot setup.

> di-netboot-assistant (0.37) unstable; urgency=low
>   * DHCP option 210 (pathprefix="/") isn't needed anymore.
>     (Closes:#498206)
>   * add options di-args and target-args for boot parameters.
>   * Improve command line argument parsing.
>   * Implement "--alias" option.
>   * Improve comments in di-sources.list
>   * Improve di-netboot-assistant manpage.
>   * allow running by a non-privileged user (Closes:#503359, Thanks
>     to Daniel Kahn Gillmor for the patch)
>   * Change umask to allow group writables files.
>   * Use dpkg --print-architecture to query arch.
>   * Display failed URL without requiring --verbose (Closes:#493418,
>     Thanks to Chris Lamb)
>   * Output status messages to STDOUT, not STDERR (Closes:#493426,
>     Thanks to Chris Lamb)
>   * Default PROMPT to 0 in pxelinux.HEAD (Closes:#493548, Thanks to
>     Chris Lamb)
>   * Bump standards to 3.8.3
>   * Fetch daily images from d-i.debian.org
>  -- Frank Lin PIAT <fpiat@klabs.be>  Mon, 31 Aug 2009 21:40:20 +0200

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