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Re: is it possible to select among multiple ISOs (on a USB stick) ?

Quoting Frédéric Boiteux (fboiteux@free.fr):

> Is there a way to tell d-i to use a specific ISO ? a command line to the
> kernel ? Or do you see a way to be able to get Lenny and Squeeze installers on
> the same USB stick ?

No, this is not actually possible.

The package to look at to implement this is iso-scan. Excerpt from its

                        if register_cd $iso_to_try $iso_device; then
                                # This could be more sophisticated, and try
                                # to deal with multiple Debian ISO's. For
                                # now, once we've got a Debian ISO, any
                                # Debian ISO, we're done.
                                db_progress STOP

So, in short, we need to find someone volunteering to implement

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