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is it possible to select among multiple ISOs (on a USB stick) ?


  I'm trying to install Squeeze, using daily's hd-media debian-installer
and netinst ISO, put on a USB stick. On my [quite big] stick, I also have
installed the Lenny's installer (same configuration, hd-media + netinst ISO).
I've setup Grub menu to choose Lenny or Squeeze install (amongst other
choices), and it boots well, but after choosing language, country and keyboard
layout, the di looks for ISO, and tells it doesn't find a kernel package suited
for installation.

I've looked (using other VTs) at the system, it mounted a CD image on /cdrom
(using /dev/loop0, how can we look which file is related to this loop
device ?). Looking at the /cdrom/.disk/info, the Lenny's ISO has been used
instead of Squeeze one !

Is there a way to tell d-i to use a specific ISO ? a command line to the
kernel ? Or do you see a way to be able to get Lenny and Squeeze installers on
the same USB stick ?

  Thanks for your advices,

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