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Re: second git demo conversion

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> I've made a second git conversion demo, this one is live on
> git.debian.org, but is still just a demo; anything you commit to it will
> be discarded later.
> To check out, install mr 0.43 and run:

I had a very first look at this yesterday. Up to now, I was following
your work from very far and didn't know the details.

So, I just learned about this "mr" thing and all I can say is "wow".

I was thinking that l10n-sync would be complicated a little bit
because it would have to deal with two development trees, one (master
translations) from SVN
and the other one (packages) from git.

And then you bring this "mr" magic into this to just make our lives
easier. So, "wow".

So, apparently, the only thing that will be needed in l10n-sync will
roughly be changing the command line for "svn" (which I made
configurable indeed) and maybe a few little things here and there,
while I was prepared to more invasive changes. So, "wow wow wow"...:-)

At this moment, the main difficulty I can find is that I'll need a
lenny backport of "mr" to be installed on people.debian.org. I haven't
checked whether you did that already but I feel it will anyway be very
useful (I also have work copies of the D-I repo on my lenny machines
at home and being able to manipulate them with mr would be great).

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