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second git demo conversion

I've made a second git conversion demo, this one is live on
git.debian.org, but is still just a demo; anything you commit to it will
be discarded later.

To check out, install mr 0.43 and run:

mr -j4 bootstrap http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/d-i/people/joeyh/gitdemo/.mrconfig

Or for anonymous checkout:

mr -j4 bootstrap http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/d-i/people/joeyh/gitdemo/.mrconfig.anon

To update everything:

mr -j4 -p update

I will leave other docs for using git to interested parties. :)
This should be close enough to how the final git repos will look
to allow writing documentation, etc.


* Updated git conversion to yesterday's svn.
* Added kfreebsd branches to packages that still have unmerged freebsd
  changes. (Porters, please check.)
* Dropped the da.po miscommits, reducing repo size but making 17
  tags not match what was released.
* Enabled git hooks to send commit mails and notify CIA.
* Implemented svn:ignore to .gitignore conversion.


* Add support to SILENT_COMMIT and [l10n] to git hook scripts.
  This will require some coding to get right.
* Remove $Id$ keywords from files where the git equvilant (a hash id)
  doesn't make sense, and/or turn on the ident attribute in git for
  files to enable git doing the expansion.
* l10n-sync needs to be made git aware. (bubulle, but I can help)

Proposed timeline for final conversion:

  day 0: - Announce pending closure of svn repo.
         - Allow people time to get any pending changes that are in their
	   svn checkouts committed.
         - Remove demo git repos (to avoid confusion).
  day 7: - Disable l10n-sync.
         - Lock svn repo to prevent commits to it.
         - Run final conversion to git, mvz's tests, etc.
  day 8: - Put up final git repos.
         - Remove from the svn trunk packages that have been moved to
	 - Add .mrconfig files to svn trunk; add ignores for directories
	   checked out by mr.
	 - Switch l10n-sync to git-aware version and re-enable.
	 - Update documentation in wiki, website, svn, etc.
	 - Announce conversion is done.
 later:	 - All daily build operators will update their build trees to
	   use the debian-installer git repository (which is what
	   provides the installer/build/ directory).
	 - Everyone with an existing svn checkout will see 'svn update'
	   delete most of d-i. (If they have uncommitted changes still in
	   svn, svn will complain about conflicts.) They will run 
	   'mr -p checkout' to check out the git repos, and start using git.
	 - Update the Vcs fields in control files and make changes to deal
	   with Id keyword expansion.

see shy jo

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