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Re: second git demo conversion

> The only issue I noticed is that at r60495 a po translation has been
> commited but it isn't yet known on the authors list

Fixed but we should do a scan for any more before the final conversion.

> From your POV when do you think the repositories would be ready for
> the final conversion?

The only blockers as far as I'm concerned are finishing the git hooks
scripts, and l10n-sync, if it is not done already.

> So, I just learned about this "mr" thing and all I can say is "wow".
> At this moment, the main difficulty I can find is that I'll need a
> lenny backport of "mr" to be installed on people.debian.org.

I'm glad mr is working out for you. :)

You should be able to use the stable version of mr on alioth. It is just
missing two features that make it a bit easier to use. You can use stable's
mr as follows:

mkdir ~/d-i
cd ~/d-i
wget http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/d-i/people/joeyh/gitdemo/.mrconfig
mr -c ~/d-i/.mrconfig checkout
mr -c ~/d-i/.mrconfig update

There is also a current mr in ~joeyh/bin, BTW.

see shy jo

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