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Re: problem retrieving packages with debootstrap.

Frans Pop a écrit :

- unreliable mirror: try using a different one
I: Checking component main on http://ftp.jp.debian.org/debian...

Eh, if you're using the default Japanese mirror I'm not surprised you see download issues.

OK, this was the problem. It's now solved.

How do you change the mirror you're using?

Don't we have man pages to answer such questions?
Or even plain 'pbuilder --help' answers this': --mirror [mirror location]

Yes, man 5 pbuilderrc.

And please do spend some quality time with the documentation.


P.S. I think you should consider posting your next questions on the debian-user mailing list. This basic level of support is not really appropriate for a development list. Based on the info you've given so far it looks to me as if there is absolutely nothing wrong with either pbuilder or debootstrap.

OK. Thanks a lot. You've been really helpful.

     Guillaume Yziquel

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