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Re: problem retrieving packages with debootstrap.

All apologies for the late reply. I've been busy elsewhere.

Frans Pop a écrit :
On Thursday 27 August 2009, Guillaume Yziquel wrote:
I'm not sure where to ask, so please redirect me to the appropriate
mailing list if necessary.

I'm currently trying to use pbuilder to package an OCaml binding to the
R interpreter API.

However, I've repreatedly been unable to use debootstrap to create a
new base.tgz. There's always a package I cannot download. For instance,
here, it's cpio.

Any advice on why this may be happening and on what I could or should
do to get it right?

Are you using debootstrap or cdebootstrap? The second is default, but the first is, at least in my experience, more reliable.

I'm using debootstrap as far as I know.

sudo pbuilder create --debootstrapopts --variant=buildd --basetgz base.tgz
W: /home/yziquel/.pbuilderrc does not exist
I: Distribution is sid.
I: Building the build environment
I: running debootstrap
I: Retrieving Release

Seems like debootstrap, doesn't it?

Also, can you reproduce the error if you use debootstrap outside pbuilder? If you can, I suggest you check the log in the subdirectory debootstrap of target directory.

Humm... I'll try. I do not know (yet) what command to issue, though.

The most likely causes are:
- temporary broken dependencies in unstable: wait until they get resolved

That's probably not the issue.

- unreliable mirror: try using a different one

I: Checking component main on http://ftp.jp.debian.org/debian...

As far as I know, this one seems reliable.

- unreliable network connection

This is most probably the issue. However, is there any way to make use debootstrap reliable on unreliable connections? Like increasing timeouts, retrying, etc...?



Guillaume Yziquel.

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