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Re: Keymap problems in D-I (was: Re: Bugs in the latest Debian Sid installer)

On Sunday 23 August 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
> In this very specific example, I don't really see the value added by
> the somewhat sarcastic remark *even* if I could have deserved it.

Basically, if you don't want such remarks from me, then don't presume I 
will solve your problems for you (which I did by the way, I haven't seen 
a thank you yet, but I guess that's the cost of making a sarcastic 
remark, which I'll accept).

You did presume I'd do that with this:
  On Sunday 23 August 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
  I think that Frans will verey quickly suggest the right explanation

Instead, trace them to the end yourself.

So, I think you did deserve the remark (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't 
have made it).


P.S. As usual, the remark was *not* meant as a personal attack.
You are way too quick to read that into it. It's similar to the recurring
"that idea sucks" versus "you suck" discussions on the lists.
My responses to your rant are much more personal of course, but then the 
rant itself made you deserve that too.

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