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Re: net-install CD do not work

Quoting Joseph Vidal-Rosset (joseph.vidal.rosset@gmail.com):

> I regret sincerely that the installer of Debian meets again a bug (2) that I

(2) has been reported already and, contrary to what you seem to
suggest, this bug never happened before (in the very old days, we had
different keymap handling problems but nothing similar to what you
experienced). It needs someone to investigate it in deep to understand
why we have this regression.

Please note, however, that we're in the middle of a quite invasive
change wrt console management utilities
(http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/ConsoleSetupSwitch, URL given
from memory) and this is obviously a consequence of this.

> met some years ago. I am worried also about the comparison with the Ubuntu
> installer and the Debian's. Ironically the Ubuntu's is based on Debian but
> works on my computer, not the Debian's. I regret it because I prefer Debian
> and because a popular desktop like Ubuntu cannot live without Debian.

You compare apple and oranges. What you mention as "Ubuntu installer"
is the installer for the stable version of Ubuntu....and the Debian
installer you tried is a development version. If you want to compare
things, please compare the installer for Debian lenny and the Ubuntu

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