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Re: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: G-I no longer working with serial mice

Quoting Uwe Bugla (uwe.bugla@gmx.de):

> But, more important than this mouse issue:
> When I am asked for either local or UTC time at the end of the installation 
> the BIOS clock should be UNTOUCHED in case of me chosing "NO", i. e. chosing 
> local time.
> This is quite logical and would avoid lots of difficulties with the fucked up 
> filesystem (bad superblock at next boot!).
> So please do not forget to report this counterproductive timer issue as a bug.

I'm sorry, but this part of your mail was ununderstandable.

There are two questions regarding the clock:

_Description: Is the system clock set to UTC?
 System clocks are generally set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
 The operating system uses your time zone to convert system time into
 local time. This is recommended unless you also use another operating
 system that expects the clock to be set to local time.

That question is asked, in default installs, only when a Windows
system is detected on the machine. Otherwise, it is not asked, except
in expert installs (because setting the BIOS clock to UTC makes sense
for any system but Windows).

The other question is:

_Description: Set the clock using NTP?
 The Network Time Protocol (NTP) can be used to set the system's clock.
 The installation process works best with a correctly set clock.

This question is asked only in expert installs and the default answer
is "Yes".

So, depending on the combination of these two answers *and* the
previous settings of your clock, it is correct that the BIOS clock
*may* be adjusted by 2 hours (assuming your timezone is CET): that
will happen if the BIOC clock *was* set on UTC, that you answered "No"
to the question about BIOS clock being set to UTC *and* answered "Yes"
to the question about NTP.

In most situations we got reports about this feature since about 3
years that it exists in the installer, no other big issues with the
clock being set completely wrong was reported.

So, *before* we report a bug against the relevant package, I suggest
you check the sequence of events, and advices given in the
installation manual. In case something wrong wrt my explanations above
is still happening, then please report the full sequence of events so
that we can try reproducing it (after all, there might be an unknown
regression somewhere).

The same actually stands for the issue with a serial mouse and G-I as,
as Frans Pop mentioned in this thread, there *have* been tests of G-I
with serial mice and special parameters need to be passed at the boot

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