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Re: Request for help - cleaning spam from the debian-boot mailing list archive

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> Only works for DDs obviously. Disadvantage is that this archive will still 
> have all spam that's already been removed...
> I'm sticking with the web interface myself.

Thanks. I'll make a few trys. It's probably OK to use the mailbox for
the "first" reviews when it's very likely that very few spam has
already been removed.

With the web interface, I found a quite fast way to move around
archives already, particularly when there's a big bunch of successive
spams. That works with Konqueror:

Click on first spam
Tab, quickly read the file to check this is a spam, Enter
Alt-Left, Alt-Left
Tab (moves to the next message
....and so on....

That saves many clicks, which, with a web interface is often the most
time-consuming activity..:-)

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