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Re: Moving the spellchecker to d-i.d.o

Quoting Davide Viti (zinosat@tiscali.it):

> we have a couple of options here: 
> 1.
> the easiest would be to leave the spellchecker scripts on Alioth and just
> wget all-po.tar.gz from d-i.d.o rather than copying it from a local
> directory. really trivial to fix as it would mean changing only cfg/update_po.sh

Sure....with two problems:

- all this depends on one developer account and settings which is
  something we should avoid for the long term (whatever reliability is
  yours...and it has proven to be reliable..:-))

- you need to do an "svn update" of the local copy of
  config files when someone changes them (to add more unknown words,
  for instance)

> 2.
> everything can otherwise be moved to another server: this would mean
> setting up a daily cronjob and fix a few paths in config files.
> Havne't touched the spellchecker since a few years now and I can't remember
> how to do it by heart. Of course I'd have no problems to help with this
> though.

I've setup about everything on people.debian.org to run under the
"d-i" account there (which both Luk and I can sudo to as of now). I'm
waiting for the installation of aspell-* packages as well as

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