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Re: How about playing a game while installing Debian?

On Mon, 13 Apr 2009 21:06:51 +0200 Frans Pop wrote:

> - games shall only be loaded as additional components and only if the 
> system has sufficient memory


> - games should only be loaded/offered if the D-I user interface supports 
> them

>From reading your old ideas in the wiki, it seems to me, that it was
planned for the GTK Installer only, but IMHO a decent curses game would
do too, as long D-I runs locally and not over a slow 9600baud serial
link, so yes, we'd have to define cases which games would work where.

> - games shall in no way get in the way of the installation itself

Well, they could crash, but mostly we just need to inform the user that
there is a D-I question ongoing which is more important than the game
(Marco's idea with SIGUSR1 is not bad indeed)

> - games will only be considered as long as they do not result in an 
> explosion of additional library udebs

Could anyone give me here a list of which libs/languages are ok? From
the wiki I just gathered "no libstdc++, no gnome, no language whose
runtime is not-available in d-i/g-i" which isn't tooo clear.

If someone has some handy lists on those, could he/she please add it to


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