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Re: How about playing a game while installing Debian?

On Monday 13 April 2009, Xavier Oswald wrote:
> I don't want to work if the idea of adding game will not be accepted by
> the team.

I don't think there are any objections in principle, but IMO there should 
be a few conditions:
- games shall only be loaded as additional components and only if the 
system has sufficient memory
- games should only be loaded/offered if the D-I user interface supports 
- games shall in no way get in the way of the installation itself
- games will only be considered as long as they do not result in an 
explosion of additional library udebs
- any user interface changes should be "clean" (I mean: the result should 
remain consistent and the main function should remain to do the 
- it should be possible at any time to switch back to the installation to 
view D-I progress

> But if the team agree that it is a good idea, I could give a try by
> adding tabs or such... build an iso and do some screenshots to get
> feedback

Another option could be to run the game on a separate VT.


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