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Re: Lenny 5.0 i386 Install with LVM Cannot Reboot

Peter McGill <peter@artificerscircle.org> writes:

> Appears to install fine, but boot after install fails.
> Volume group "debian" not found.
> The above line repeats after a time.

This repeat is somewhat strange, but anyway...

> Then a while later the following is reported.
> ALERT! /dev/mapper/debian-root does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

What happens if you invoke

vgchange -ay

in this shell?  If it activates the volume group, exit the shell and
see if it boots up.

If it does not, then please check whether
 * your disk was detected (you should find it amongst the kernel messages),
 * your physical volume (probably /dev/sda2, but you can check eg. by
   issuing the pvs command after booting off the installation CD in
   rescue mode) is available,
 * lsmod reports dm_mod, dm_mirror and dm_snapshot,
 * and /etc/lvm/lvm.conf is sane (scan=?, filter=?; vgchange -vvv -ay
   may give further clues),
 * ls -l /dev/mapper.

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