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Bug#513411: Installing daily amd-64: minor problem

Quoting Herbert Kaminski (herbert.kaminski@gmx.de):

> During installation, DHCP did not work.
> After manually editing /etc/interfaces when installation
> was finished, DHCP worked fine.

Hmmmm, if this is reproducible with the installer, that might deserve
some investigation.

As the DHCP step happens before the "destructive" steps that write to
the disk, you can re-test this with the installed machine by booting
the installer again on it, if you can.

Booting in expert mode would help. Re-trying the DHCP step would also
help. If all this fails, then getting some output from console 4 (or
/var/log/syslog in the installer's environment) would be good.

otherwise, our only possible action is closing this bug report.

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