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Re: Kazakh language localization in lenny release

Quoting Timur Birsh (taem@linukz.org):

> > He did a few updates, IIRC....but nothign came in in the last year or
> > so....despite the reminders I send regularly to translators,
> > particularly several I sent before the August-Septembre freeze
> > happned.
> He did not respond to my emails also.

OK, so let's move him in the (non existing) MIA section of the
translators list..:-)...and put you there instead.

A team address contact list would be good, just in case I have
problems contacting you in the future.

> > I'm very happy to see that other people are working on these
> > translations, but you should then get in touch with me to get commit
> > access and complete the work (*AND* commit yourself to maintain it,
> > not just a one-shot action).
> Ok. What should I do to get commit access?

Mostly read around the D-I i18n documentation so that you have the
right information to be able to coordinate the effort.


Then create yourself an account on alioth.debian.org and give me the
account name.

> P.S. I'm not translator. I just provide technical support for group of
> translators.

Nobody is perfect...:-).... Your work is certainly essential, for
sure !

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