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Bug#511842: installation-reports: Pre-existing LVM partition crashes the partitioner

On 16 Jan 09, Frans Pop wrote:
> "This is where is crashed" is not very specific. Please describe the 
> excact steps you performed after starting the partitioner and indicate 
> when exactly the crash happened.

> I don't see any crash in the first syslog, at most a "hang" (from looking 
> at the output from 'ps'. And I think that hang may already be fixed in 
> current daily built images, although it happened in a very specific 
> situation that I do not find in your description.

You're right; it was really a hang, not a crash.  The partitioner
hung immediately upon selecting the "Partition Disks" item in the main
menu; the progress meter started up and then got stuck at "47%", if I
recall correctly.

> To trace this issue correctly we'll need two things (if you can still 
> reproduce it):
> - a detailed and exact description of your actions from the start of
>   partitioning
> - full debug output from partman; you can get that by adding a line
>   'set -x' in /lib/partman/lib/base.sh
OK, thanks, when time permits I'll give that a try.

> One cause of the problem could be inconsistent traces of LVM metadata on 
> your disks from previous installs.
Well, I did use "vgremove" and then changed the partition ID back to
"Linux" with fdisk.


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