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Re: Release?

Quoting Steve McIntyre (steve@einval.com):

> >*now* I think it is quite obvious that the whole Lenny Release process
> >is waiting for the installer's release.
> Do we have any feeling for how long it will take to get to d-i RC2 now?

Otavio said yesterday he will massbuild the udebs today as 2.6.12-3
has been uploaded.

We still need checking if all the udebs we need have been built fir
all arches (very probable).

Also, there's maybe some porters work to do (I'm unsure
here....kernel/arches related stuff is still sometimes black magic for

Really, the final release work (building d-i, ask transition of udebs,
etc.) could be done by next week-end (where
I'll be personnally away for the whole Saturday, though).

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