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Since about one week, we're more or less ready to release (even
before, indeed, but Otavio, our RM, was on holidays).

Sure, in the meantime, a few issues were discovered and fixed (such as
the Danish breakage or the partman-auto-lvm partition size calculation

But, still, the release process is ready to start.

From what I can remember (from memory and the LennyRC2Prep page),
we're now waiting for:

- last uploads to build everywhere (a few packages uploaded for the
Danish breakage were multi architecture-ones, particularly
cdebconf). That's probably OK now, just need to be checked
- 2.6.26-13 kernel upload and subsequent kernel udebs uploads
- transition requests

Is there something else missing? What can we do to speed up things?

*now* I think it is quite obvious that the whole Lenny Release process
is waiting for the installer's release.


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