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Re: 40r6 locks up during boot

Frans Pop wrote:
On Sunday 11 January 2009, John wrote:
This time I'm using the first 40r6 DVD image which I downloaded today.

It's been spinning there for 1 hour 11 minutes, running 100% CPU. It's
read 5.1 Mbytes from disk (that would be the virtual DVD), written 0.
There's been a few K of network I/O, I assume that's the virtual

If you really want Etch I'd suggest you try Etch-and-a-half installer [1] which has a more recent kernel (2.6.24). Otherwise trying Lenny is the best option.

I intend to download the current daily (daily? it's nearly a week old)
overnight, and time permitting with give that ago tomorrow.

Huh? Daily images are all up-to-date AFAICT. DVD images are built weekly, not daily.

Ah, so. It's the DVD image.

But why don't you download a smaller image first to see if it works? You could even use the mini.iso for that (see "other images", netboot).

I can download most things Linux off my ISP's mirror at about 1.7 Mbytes/sec, so it doesn't take long, and as it's in my IAP's no-charge zone that's okay too. And there's the point I expected it to "just work," so there was no reason not to.

That said, I didn't find this image locally, so I timed the download to run in the off-peak time period which I underuse, and I got it from .se at less then 300 Kbytes/sec.

If I tried to install on the bare metal, that's where I might expect some difficulty (2.6.25 kernels were difficult on the DC7700).


[1] http://www.debian.org/releases/etch/debian-installer/etchnhalf

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