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40r6 locks up during boot

I'm running Windows Virtual Server on Windows Server 2003 on and HP DC5950, Athlon 4550B CPU running in IA32. It's not clear to me whether it has hardware virtualisation, I thought all recent AMD CPUs do, but virtual PC (which got removed when I installed Server 2003) said not. It's not configurable in the BIOS.

VS emulates a BX chipset, and has an AMI bios.

I have successfully installed other distributions and other releases of Debian (including 4.0) under VS (and under Virtual PC) on Windows XP Professional.

This time I'm using the first 40r6 DVD image which I downloaded today.

I haven't yet figured how to get screen dumps in Windows, so I will summarise the last few lines rather than posting an image somewhere.

There are the usual PIIX4 messages including "not 100% native mode", reports of ide0 and ide1.
Then floppy drive fd0.
Two parport messages, very ordinary
hda Virtual HD, ATA DISK drive
FDC 0 is an 82078

It's been spinning there for 1 hour 11 minutes, running 100% CPU. It's read 5.1 Mbytes from disk (that would be the virtual DVD), written 0. There's been a few K of network I/O, I assume that's the virtual display.

I most recently booted with noapic nolapic.

I intend to download the current daily (daily? it's nearly a week old) overnight, and time permitting with give that ago tomorrow.

ps I expect that this system will, if needs be, run Linux (but I won't make any assumptions about good graphics) - the diagnostics disk is based on Linux. There are drivers for the important bits (a sore point with the dc7700s I have).

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