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Bug#510544: Installer/partition guide tried to use 500GB as swap

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

> Quoting Ferenc Wagner (wferi@niif.hu):
>> I have no base to decide which is better, but there isn't too much
>> difference; I can't consider either one wrong.
>> The following patch contains an unnecessary change as well: lcreate
>> can use up all remaining space by itself, there is no reason to work
>> on determining that by hand from the VG info.  Just use 100%FREE.
> If you're 100% sure this patch is OK (as it seems you tested it very
> carefully), I think it is worth having it in lenny.

I tested it with the atomic scheme only on 1, 100 and 1000 GB disks.
I haven't checked that it doesn't interfere with calculating the
non-LVM partition sizes, but I didn't experience anything like that
(and don't expect it either).

I'm not prepared to rebuild the udeb, but if somebody does it for me
I'm willing to do further testing on i386 Xen virtual machines.

> If we agree, then it would be good to commit that patch in the lenny
> branch (and the trunk), then upload partman-auto-lvm

If it isn't acceptable for Lenny, then maybe a warning should be added
that LVM (crypto) automatic partitioning does not work over 1 TB.  And
the k -> K one character change in computing the free space could be
discussed separately.  And possibly using 100%FREE instead of vg_info.

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