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Re: Installation report HP-715/64 (HIL)

On Wednesday 24 December 2008, Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> > Is it possible that someone from the debian-installer teams add this
> > "modprobe hilkbd" somewhere to the bootup process? This modprobe
> > should also be carried over to the installed system afterwards.
> >
> > I'm willing to test any temporary images (preferably netboot images)
> > as soon as possible.
> [Forwarding to debian-boot@lists.debian.org]

Why not (also) reassign the BR to debian-installer?

> Can that be considered for rc2?

Theoretically that would still be possible, but it is extremely late in 
the day for such a change, especially without any detailed info about how 
*exactly* this should be implemented.

Questions that come to mind are:
- why doesn't the kernel/udev autoload this module?
- is there any way to recognize whether the module should be loaded or
  not (most hppa installs are headless)?
- if it's decided to load the module unconditionally for the installer,
  it may still be possible to only do so when needed for the installed
  system; can this be recognized somehow?
- is loading the module for the installed system needed for the initrd
  too (would be my guess), or just for the final system?

We have repeatedly indicated in the debian-hppa list that the D-I team 
needs porter support and this is *exactly* the kind of issue for which 
knowledgable porter support is needed. I even had a long discussion with 
Helge himself about that.

As this issue has been known for ages my first reaction is that it is too 
late for RC2 and for Lenny. However, *if* porters work with the D-I team 
to get the questions above answered the change could be implemented early 
for squeeze and, after testing, it could then be considered for 
backporting for a stable update release.


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